The uncertainties of the world

[leia em Português] Mawlamyine, Myanmar - November 26, 2016 Or should it be a world of uncertainties? Two months ago I was boarding a plane in Boston to SE Asia not knowing what my itinerary was going to be. Twenty days ago I arrived in Myanmar anxious to travel around this unknown and fascinating country. … Continue reading The uncertainties of the world


Travel notes – Myanmar

Yangon is a city I explored mainly on foot. People don’t usually spend too much time here, but a very good friend is living here and I very much wanted to spend time with her. While she was at work I wandered and got lost in the humid and hot Yangon, alternating with work days … Continue reading Travel notes – Myanmar

The Burmese who wears a tie

[Or that time I played my Brazilian card] I enter the elevator on the 6th floor. Two floors down it stops. A Burmese man wearing a tie enters. I noticed the tie because it’s not something I see around Yangon. A businessman or a lawyer. Or just someone who likes to wear ties. He looks at … Continue reading The Burmese who wears a tie

Respirando e vivendo Tailândia

Chegou novembro e com ele um sonho se torna realidade: eu vim parar em Myanmar! Mas ainda não é dessa vez que eu vou escrever sobre esse país que tem me fascinado nos últimos anos. Calma! Calma! Logo mais eu compartilho minhas impressões. Abaixo seguem alguns detalhes sobre minhas últimas semanas na Tailândia. Como eu … Continue reading Respirando e vivendo Tailândia

Breathing and living Thailand

[leia em Português] Yangon, Myanmar - November 07, 2016 It's November and a dream comes true: I made it to Myanmar! This post, however, is not about this country that I've been fascinated by, but the past few weeks I spent in Thailand. Hopefully on the next one I'll be able to share some of … Continue reading Breathing and living Thailand