Travel notes – Vietnam

Part II (Part I here) We arrived in Hanoi on Christmas Eve, on a full train coming from Ninh Binh. We spent the trip chatting with a smiley 9 years-old girl and her family. Everyone going to Hanoi for the weekend. It was the first time since Livia joined me that we were not attacked by … Continue reading Travel notes – Vietnam


The French who meditate

[Or how to pick a new habit] I met this French guy on Tinder.[1] He asked me out for a beer (I don't drink beer, but I said yes) and then he brought his friend along. Weird, I thought at first. Maybe it's a French thing? But after a while I didn't mind. It was … Continue reading The French who meditate

Travel Notes – Vietnam

In 4 weeks in Vietnam I experienced different ways of traveling. First I had the company of a very good friend who decided to spend her holidays with me – well, actually she decided to spend her holidays in SE Asia and I happen to be here, but it’s nice to think the other way around. … Continue reading Travel Notes – Vietnam