The French who meditate

[Or how to pick a new habit]

I met this French guy on Tinder.[1]

He asked me out for a beer (I don’t drink beer, but I said yes) and then he brought his friend along.

Weird, I thought at first. Maybe it’s a French thing? But after a while I didn’t mind. It was fun to be around them.

Papo vai, papo vem,[2] we realized we had exactly the same plans for the next few days: go on a 5 days bike ride.

“Wanna do it together?”

“Sure! Why not?”

And there we went.

It caught my attention that the French really liked to meditate. Several times a day.

Sometimes in the morning. Always in the evening; usually after taking a shower.

And so I joined them. In the evenings only. In the mornings I prefer to exercise.

For six days all we did was to ride on dirt and/or winding roads, visit caves, swim in cold springs, play petanque while drinking pastis, and meditate.

On the 5th day, we decided to do it before our ride back from the cave. I was so relaxed that I fell off the bike a few hundred meters before arriving at the guesthouse.[3] Nothing serious, no worries. I guess I was so relaxed that even the fall was smooth.

On the 7th day traveling together the French left. But the practice stayed with me.

As they continue to meditate around the world so do I.

Merci et à bientôt!


[1] No worries, my mom knows I’m on Tinder.

[2] One word leads to another.

[3] Can someone explain to me the whole mindfulness thing again?

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