Travel Notes – Laos (Part II)

[part I] Vietnam >> Muang Khua > Muang Ngoi > Nong Khiaw > Xamneua (via Viengthong) > Viengxay > Xamtai > Viengxay/Xamneua > Phonsavanh > Thakhek > Thakhek loop > [visa run 1] > Pakse > Don Det/Don Khone > Pakse/Champasak/Don Ko > Thakhek > [visa run 2] > Vientiane > Vang Vieng > Ban Chieng (Tao Guesthouse) > Luang Prabang > Huay Xay >> Thailand [In bold the places covered … Continue reading Travel Notes – Laos (Part II)


Travel notes – Laos

Wow... how hard it is to write about the country that stole my heart... It was easier to write a Love Letter to Laos than to write about the places I visited during almost 3 months there. The moment I started listing places I've been to, people I've met, things I've done, food I've eaten, saudade … Continue reading Travel notes – Laos

Travel notes – Vietnam

Part II (Part I here) We arrived in Hanoi on Christmas Eve, on a full train coming from Ninh Binh. We spent the trip chatting with a smiley 9 years-old girl and her family. Everyone going to Hanoi for the weekend. It was the first time since Livia joined me that we were not attacked by … Continue reading Travel notes – Vietnam

Travel Notes – Vietnam

In 4 weeks in Vietnam I experienced different ways of traveling. First I had the company of a very good friend who decided to spend her holidays with me – well, actually she decided to spend her holidays in SE Asia and I happen to be here, but it’s nice to think the other way around. … Continue reading Travel Notes – Vietnam

Travel notes – Cambodia

I made my way to Cambodia from Bangkok, where I met a friend who came to SE Asia to spend her vacation with me. We took a flight in BKK and landed in Siem Reap 50 minutes later (Nok Air, USD55). It’s possible to do it by bus or train, you just need to be … Continue reading Travel notes – Cambodia

Travel notes – Myanmar

Yangon is a city I explored mainly on foot. People don’t usually spend too much time here, but a very good friend is living here and I very much wanted to spend time with her. While she was at work I wandered and got lost in the humid and hot Yangon, alternating with work days … Continue reading Travel notes – Myanmar

Thailand Vegetarian Festival

My first week in Thailand coincided with the Vegetarian Festival. More about the festival itself here and here. Some of the celebrations can be pretty extreme. Here's a small - and less shocking - sample of what I witnessed. More pictures on Flickr and Instagram.