Who’s Rita?

IMG_7032Known by the Germans as “the best coach for matters of uncertainty”, Rita holds two Masters of (1) Arts in International Affairs, and (2) Science in Human Geography.  She’s now determined to master the art of living uncertainty.

Passionate about the world and lover of different cultures, with no Earth signs on her astrological chart, she’s probably one of the most resilient persons you’ll ever meet. Challenges to human security keep her mind busy and her heart aching.

Originally from the largest country in Latin America (no, it’s not Mexico), she spent 3 years in Boston, USA, before crossing the Pacific and landing in Asia in September 2016, when she embarked on a journey to explore SE Asia, its colors, flavors, and corners. During 8 months she visited Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, fell in love with Laos. Most recently, she traveled to southern Africa, where she currently lives.

Fluent in Portuguese and English, she writes about life, travel notes, and short stories inspired by her experiences and the people she meets on the road. Most of what she writes is based on real life but there’s also room for some creative thinking 🙂

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[last update: April 2019]