The French who meditate

[Or how to pick a new habit] I met this French guy on Tinder.[1] He asked me out for a beer (I don't drink beer, but I said yes) and then he brought his friend along. Weird, I thought at first. Maybe it's a French thing? But after a while I didn't mind. It was … Continue reading The French who meditate


The monk who collects stamps  

The monk approached me at the U-Bein Bridge[i] near Mandalay. We chatted and he asked for a picture. We chatted a bit more. He’s 64 years old. He’s been a monk for 11 years. Widower for 16. He has a son and a daughter, and three grandchildren. He was imprisoned for 5 years for protesting … Continue reading The monk who collects stamps  

The Burmese who wears a tie

[Or that time I played my Brazilian card] I enter the elevator on the 6th floor. Two floors down it stops. A Burmese man wearing a tie enters. I noticed the tie because it’s not something I see around Yangon. A businessman or a lawyer. Or just someone who likes to wear ties. He looks at … Continue reading The Burmese who wears a tie